Buy Holiday Sea View Studios, Apartments and Villas in Crete,



ID: #NP-404
Price: 38,000 €
Type: Apartments
Location: Crete
Area: 19,72m2

About Property

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Five-star settlement for sale in Crete, 39 new homes for sale in a sweet-smelling garden, in an area of outstanding beauty, with an unrestricted view of the sea and the mountain, and at the same time quick access in just 5min to a beautiful 10km-long sandy beach…

The aim is to attract residents to experience the magic of the senses in lush-green surroundings, far from the bustle of crowded beaches.The criteria of the choice are based on man’s basic needs to find the personal balance, and to discover the secrets inside him by living in a peaceful environment, in this wonderful complex.Within the garden «bloom» various types of homes. Each one offers a different quality of space according to its position on the plot, the steepness of the incline of the natural terrain, its orientation and its view.All the homes have spacious internal and external areas which are designed to operate seamlessly as one. In this way the appearance of the natural environment remains unspoilt.Within the complex, the homes are deluxe, in accordance with the specifications of the Greek National Tourist Organization (EOT). They all have parking spaces, while even the road leading to them passes through lush vegetation and trees.Everyone can acquire a home in this lovely and luxurious settlement. A certain number of houses have been designed for people with special needs.

In their efforts to incorporate you into the central concept of the project, which is the contact between man and nature as well as between man and himself, don’t think that we forgot that many times we do not consider the criterion of time. We all may wish to lose ourselves in such a fairy-tale place, but we do not have the whole year at our disposal.Having considered this, the developer gives you also the opportunity to acquire your home in the settlement and to live there for three or four months a year, for as long as you are able to, naturally at a fraction of the total purchase cost and a fraction of the total cost of fixed maintenance expenses.

A delightful stroll amidst running waters, flowers and trees that excites all the senses leads to the main common-use area surrounding a PLANE-TREE. PLANE-TREE -the common-use facilities
The heart and soul of the settlement and of the whole concept are the common-use facilities. Situated at a focal point with an incredible view, they are easily accessible from all the homes.
The «PLANE-TREE» will include:

  • 24-hour reception and customer service area
  • Library (books on Greek mythology, history, local cuisine, cosmetology, literature and poetry)
  • Mini market
  • Restaurant
  • Cafeteria – bar
  • Pool with dimensions 19×6 (with children’s pool and spa)
  • Sauna
  • Laundry – Ironing room
  • Doctor on call with 24-hour service (with one phone call)

The «Plane-tree» is a living organism offering a wide range of activities. Its role inside the settlemet, is to provide all the services that will make your everyday life easier, leaving you with spare time to enjoy nature and your holidays.


It’s worth mentioning that the complex offers various, exclusive services to its owners such as:
  1. baby seating
  2. beauty services
  3. home cleaning
  4. home help
  5. massage
  6. meals at home
  7. purchase and delivery of goods
  8. car hire
  9. transfer to and from airport/port
  10. garden maintenance
  11. house maintenance
  12. renting out your property
  13. trips to Crete
  14. 24-hour Guard
More specifically, the availability of properties is shown on the table below:

NAME Total build area (m²) Plot (m²) PRICE (Euros)
BURNING BUSH 57,13 120,06 SOLD
ANGELICA 63,05 120,06 SOLD
ALÏÅ 63,78 139,04 SOLD
ORANGE TREE 55,87 88,03 142.000
LEMONGRASS 61,12 88,03 162.000
MYRTLE 53,15 126,17 SOLD
GADENIA 58,19 126,17 153.000
GERANIUM 62,20 99,23 SOLD
LOQUAT 68,00 99,23 SOLD
THYME 42,74 140,98 117.000
FIG TREE 66,15 410,97 SOLD
CAROB TREE 62,65 139,70 195.000
ACACIA 51,83 139,70 SOLD
CARNATION 62,65 174,54 SOLD
RHAMNUS 51,83 174,54 SOLD
SAGE 58,65 143,09 SOLD
LAVENDER 45,88 143,09 SOLD
LEMON TREE 59,15 158,77 174.000
OLIVE TREE 63,77 158,77 SOLD
HOLLY 56,67 151,99 185.000
ORIGANUM 42,39 151,99 SOLD
WORMWOOD 64,30 171,26 SOLD
MARJORAM 52,25 171,26 SOLD
ARBUTUS 138,22 244,12 171.000
GRAPEVINE 115,74 209,36 SOLD
APRICOT TREE 80,43 209,36 SOLD
ROSEBUSH 103,95 261,17 191.000
SEDGE 103,95 254,51 191.000
CHRYSANTHEMUM 99,93 117,46 184.000
MARGEURITE 86,63 117,46 198.000
ROSEMARY 97,00 156,06 SOLD
ALMOND TREE 84,77 120,06 172.000
PLUM TREE 55,45 120,06 SOLD
DAPHNE 90,98 179,90 SOLD
SAVORY 67,23 179,90 148.000
TANGERINE 95,96 161,54 SOLD
JASMINE 68,58 161,54 SOLD

Additional for sale are three (3) separate studios, all located at the ground floor.

  • Studio 1 – 78,34m² – 149.000 Euros
  • Studio 2 – 65,94m² – SOLD
  • Studio 3 – 38,96m² – SOLD
  • Studio 4 – 38,96m² – SOLD
  • Studio 5 – 32 m² – SOLD
  • Studio 6 – 21,33m² – SOLD
  • Studio 7 – 20,14m² – SOLD
  • Studio 8 – 19,72m² – SOLD
  • Studio 9 – 23,25m² – 44.000 Euros
  • Studio 10 – 15,38m² – 29000 Euros
  • Studio 11 – 51m² – SOLD
  • Studio 12 – 32,91m²- SOLD
  • Studio 13 – 48m² – SOLD

Furthermore, its’s also worth noteable that the amenities that are within the settlemet, are for sale as well.
One can buy them seperately:

  • Retaurant ‘Thyme: The restaurant of the settlement which totals 149,64m². It comprises an open plan space, a kitchen and 5 bathrooms (2 for females, 2 for males and 1 disabled people).
    Moreover, Thyme has also 151,44m² of underground areas. The restaurant operated from 28/07/12 until 31/10/2012 with great success!
    Due to a ready clientelly from the settlement’s residences as well as the fantastic location which offer spectacular views, the well being of the restaurant is guaranteed!
    The exterior space of the restaurant, pool and pool bar are owned by the restaurant as well, consequently the new owner of it will have control over them too.

  • Mini Market: The mini-market is located next to the restaurant area and has an area of 22,48m²
    Like the restaurant, the mini market operates having already ready clients from the settlement and the nearby village of Exopolis!

  • Reception: The reception is next to the mini market and currently houses the offices of the company. Totalling 39,46m², located at the crossroads in the center of communal facilities.
  • Infirmary: The infirmary is located near the entrance of the settlement, next to the reception. Totalling 15,45m². Residents of the settlement and from nearby villages are cured here, as there is no other infirmary around.
Price (Euros) 29222 – 198000
Build area (m²) 42,74 – 68,00
Sea View yes
Mountain View yes
Outskirt Village yes
On Hill yes
Garden yes
Trees yes
Number of bedrooms 2-3
Swimming pool yes
Parking yes
Baths 1
Air Condition yes
Electricity yes
Water yes
Distance to airport, km 48
Seaport Distance, km 37
Distance to beach, km 2
Town Distance, km 39

General amenities

  • Air conditioning
  • Alarm System
  • Aluminium Shutters
  • Automatic irrigation system
  • Balcony
  • BBQ
  • Cable TV
  • Computer
  • Dishwasher
  • Double Glazed Windows
  • Fire Place
  • Furnished
  • Garden
  • Gym
  • Heating
  • Hi-fi
  • Internet
  • Jacuzzi
  • Lift
  • Mountain View
  • Parking
  • Property Management Services
  • Sauna
  • Sea View
  • Security Door
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Storeroom
  • Swimming Pool
  • Terrace
  • Trees