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Athens Rentals – Apartments and Villas for Rent in Athens operates under the umbrella of Greece Estate and has been offering apartments, villas, offices and commercial buildings for rent in Athens, Greece.

We are here to advise you about the letting market, applicable laws and taxes and inform you how to best maximize the rental return of your property in Greece. We will take responsibility for ensuring that your property is rented in accordance with all local and state laws of Greece. We study access and rental opportunities to best meet your needs before we inform you of what will the best and realistic rental return option for your property.

Once you have committed to our rental management plan, we then take photos of your property and upload them on our rental web site as well as the other sister sites with whom we cooperate. In addition we advertise your property in different directories, search engines, and portals.

We will cover all aspects of supervising the rental agreement.

Fees, terms and conditions for all Clients renting of a property:
  • Renting period:  4 Months – 6 Months
    • Commission from the client: 50% of first month rent
  • Renting period:  7 Months – 12 Months
    • Commission from the client: 75% of first month rent
  • Renting period:  13 Months – 24 Months
    • Commission from the client: 100% of first month rent
  • Renting period:  2 Years – 5 Years
    • Commission from the client: 150% of first month rent
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